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Only browser based games are allowed in this list. Links to regular or promotional websites, even websites about games, will be removed.


For a simple installation, only 3 steps are required:

Step 1: Write the XML

This is the minimal XML layout:

<browsergameshub version="0.1">
	<name>Your game name</name>

Copy this layout to a file and upload it to your webserver. Make sure this file is accessable from the web.

Step 2: Security

To prevent identity theft and phishing, we have added a security check: your website, specified in the <site_url> tags, must contain an (invisible) link to your XML file.

Edit and add the following line to the head section of your portal site:

<link rel="browser-game-info" href="http://link-to-your-xml-file/info.xml" />

Step 3: Validate and add your game

Now add your game to our list by validating it. Our system will check if the XML is reachable and valid. Mind that you can validate your XML multiple times, but it will only be added once.

Information XML Validator

Advanced implementation

This is just the beginning! If you were able to validate your simple XML, you can add way more information to your XML. Take a look at the advanced documentation.

Or go straight to the XML schemas: